About Us

Kredance NGO is a not-for-profit organization based in České Budějovice, South Bohemian region, since 2010. Until May 2015, the team operated in an old textile factory. Since June 2015, the team is based in the building of the South Bohemian Theater and focuses on events in public and virtual space. Regular dance classes for public are happening at the theater scene Na Půdě.

The mission of Kredance NGO is to support and develop projects of live art on the professional and amateur bases in the field of performing arts, in South Bohemian region.   We long to create friendly environment for get togethers of performers and fans of live art.  We try to expand public awareness of contemporary dance, movement theater, new circus etc. We choose to produce whole year dance and movement courses for adults and kids. We have produced author`s performance, dance-theater festival MIMO MÍSU and many other projects.

During our five years existence, we have invited great number of dance and theater lecturers with international reputation. We present the dramaturgy of the festivals TANEC PRAHA and MALÁ INVENTURA every year.

We appreciate and honor to be partner of the Czech cultural network Nová síť z.s..

We act upon intuition, we are open to new collaborations and we are not affraid to experiment, cause  “No Kredance, no dance”. Kredance space, eventhough it happens to be more virtual these days, is here for everyone, who are open to new ideas, creativity and activ approach towards life. We seek new channels towards culture and local community.